November is Diabetes Awareness Month

1 in 2 people with diabetes cannot regularly afford or access the supplies they need to stay healthy.

In Jordan, the average family makes 500JD and will spend over 25% of their monthly income on this incurable disease. Unfortunatly, it means that family will go without something else like food, warm clothes and basic necessities.

This is NOT ok!

Please help us raise money for Eradeh, a local non-profit organization under the leadership of Dr Sima Kalaldeh.

Last year, they were able to help 200 Jordanian and refugee families from Palestine, Syria, Sudan and Egypt. Eradeh provides insulin, diabetes supplies and medical care to those who need it the most. Eradeh is also dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for rights for diabetics and promoting healthy lifestyle education.

All profits through November will be donated to Eradeh.

If you are interested in the Diabetes Awarenss Kit, please visit Kids Hands On.

Shukran! We can’t do this without your support!

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**NOTE** All deliveries are pre-order. Sales will be closed on October 24 so that we can print and deliver all of your gear just in time for World Diabetes Day on November 14.

Kids Hands On - Preorder your Diabetes Awareness Kit!

KidsHandsOn firmly believes that kids learn best though play. So what better way to help your youngest learners understand Type 1 Diabetes than by coloring a story or making your own awareness ribbon out of playdough?

Visit their website to order your kit today!

Each kit comes with 1 shirt, 1 mask, 1 coloring book, crayons and KHO blue and gray pladough (20JD).

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Where do you see diabetes?

Many people say T1D is an invisible illness. You know what we say?

It's only invisible if you DON'T look.

Yes it is true that those with T1D can do anything they put their minds to. But it is ALWAYS there!

Help us make T1D visible this November with Medtronic's #BlueBalloonChallenge!

How can you help? Show us your daily life. The balloon will represent diabetes. Keep it afloat and undamaged! (Every order placed will come with a blue balloon.)

So go cook! Go play! Go study! Go dance!


Show us all the places you can make T1D seen! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram.

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    1 mom. 2 girls. 3 countries. And a life-altering diagnosis.

    Working to make sure our Type 1s will grow up in a compassionate and informed world.

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  • Kids Hands On

    Kids Hands On believes in the importance of sensory play. As children grow, their senses are the most accessible way to process new information and explore the world they live in.

    Because hands-on is minds-on.

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  • Eradeh

    Eradeh is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Jordan's youth who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

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